Hollywood Ghost Hunters
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Issue 2 ē November 2015
Destination Truth
Chasing UFO's
Darklands Paranormal
Five Quick Questions With:
George Noory
- Coast to Coast AM
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From the Editor
I am very pleased to be able to present Erin Ryder from
Destination Truth and Chasing UFOís as our celebrity
interview this issue, and to introduce a new Feature called
Five Quick Questions With.. In this segment we will have
five quick questions, OK, maybe six or seven, with an
expert, celebrity or well-known person in their field, or a
combination of all three, and hope that we can go more in
depth and do a full interview with that person in another
issue, as many of the people I want to interview have some
pretty hectic schedules. For our very first segment, the
guest had to be someone special, and I am so glad to be able
to say that George Noory, the host of the Coast to Coast
AM radio show is that guest. He has been a good friend to
the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, and I am an avid listener of
Coast to Coast, you owe it to yourself to check out his show,
I promise you will enjoy it.
As you know, Kane Hodder and I have been working on
several projects lately, including the movies Charlieís Farm,
Love in the Time of Monsters, Old 37, and we just finished
Checkpoint. The first three are now out, and Checkpoint is
in post-production. I was also lucky enough to be the stunt
coordinator, and to play a really bad guy named Ivan in a
Lifetime movie named Stolen from the Suburbs.
Ra Mihailoff has also worked on several projects which are
in post-production, Iíll have more info on those when it
becomes available.
Have any places we should hunt, any good stories you
would like to share. Contact us at
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Barry Blaisdell
HGH Co-Founders
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Sometimes Kane Hodder Gets a Little Extreme
Sometimes Kane Hodder gets a little extreme.. who
knew. While on the set of Hatchet there is a scene
where Kane ( as the character Victor Crowley) is to get
hit in the face with a shovel by the lead actress. After she
had done the swing by Kaneís head, no contact involved,
Kane asks Adam Green, the director, if he can get a shot
of the shovel hitting his face, and Adam says OK.
Kane then asks me, because it will be a tight shot, and
you wouldnít be able to see who was swinging the shovel
to really hit him in the mug.. Iím thinking, wait! Is it my
birthday. Iíve always wanted to whack him with a shovel!
The shovel we were going to use was a prop made of
hard plastic, they used it to cut off a head in an earlier
scene, and had used it to dig a hole in the hard ground,
so this was no wimpy rubber type prop, it was hard and
well made..
They set up the shot, and Kane explains to me what he
wants.. he says hit me about a quarter speed on the side
of his face, and he will drop down to a knee out of frame,
and if he stands up and looks at me, to hit him harder....
now I know some of you are thinking he has a mask on,
how much can that hurt. The face was made of thin rubber so he could make facial movements for
his character, so it would be like hitting your hand with a hammer while you were wearing gloves, in
other words, it wouldnít help very much..
All kidding aside about whacking him, the last thing I want to do is hurt my friend by hitting him in the
temple or the ear, so on the first swing I was extra careful, but still hit him pretty good, you could hear
the smack all across the set.. Kane takes the hit, drops to a knee for a second, then looks up at me
and stands up, he gets back into the character stance, and I hit him much harder, and he drops to his
knee out of frame.. I am starting to think he really is Victor Crowley, that whack should have rung his
bell pretty good.. Iím kind of afraid I might of hurt him by how hard I hit him, I could feel the impact up
my arms, so I know I hit him hard and solid..
Kane shakes his head a few times then stands up again.. I can tell he wants me to do it againÖall he
quietly says is kind of scary.." harder".. I hit him about as hard as you can, and the shovel breaks on
his face! He goes to his knee, shakes his head, then stands up and laughs..
I believe if I ever write my autobiography, the title of the book will be ď I BROKE A SHOVEL ON KANE
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Interview of the Month
Erin Ryder
If you are reading this, there is very little chance that you havenít
seen Erin Ryder on either Destination Truth or Chasing UFOís, but
let me tell you, there is a lot about this lady that you probably donít
I had the opportunity to meet Erin Ryder several years ago at the
Paracon in michigan, where she was a featured guest, and Kane
Hodder, RA mihailoff and myself were there representing the Hol-
lywood Ghost Hunters. Erin was at the booth next to us, along with
Kris Williams, so we got a lot of chances to chat, and trust me;
both of those ladies are awesome! What a joy to swap stories; talk
about where they had been, their adventures and a lot of behind the
scenes insight.
I remember the first time I saw Ryder on TV; she was on Destina-
tion Truth yelling for Josh Gates to stop the car. He did, and she
jumped out and went up to the fence where an ostrich was stand-
ing.. She gets into a racing stance and her and the ostrich take off
running, because Ryder wanted to race him.. I knew right then that
she was someone I had to watch, her joy of life and adventurous
spirit was on full display, and was so refreshing, I knew that Des-
tination Truth was well worth watching, as Josh Gates and Ryder
would be entertaining for sure. And I loved that show, I was a little
jealous of all the great places they got to go to, but it gave me a
push to get out and go on some adventures of my own.
The second issue of this magazine was all done, except for the celebrity interview, and Erin was nice enough
to chat with me.
I learned that there was a lot more to Ryder than I knew, and I have to say I came away from the interview very
impressed. First, it is very obvious that she is in great shape, I mean really, racing an ostrich. I asked her if she
played sports and she told me she was an All American in field hockey, and that her college team, Cortland,
had won their National Championship. Athlete. Yep, check that one off the list.
Talking with her, you get the impression that she is very intelligent, so I asked her what she studied in college.
She told me she graduated from Syracuse Universityís Newhouse School, where she received a masterís de-
gree in Television, Radio and Film. A masterís Degree. OK, check smart off the list.
I asked Ryder if she got on TV by being an actress. She told me she had been a Producer so I asked her if
there was anything she had produced that I might have seen. When she told me she had helped produce the
Opening Ceremony for the Athens Olympics, the Emmyís, and a bunch more of well-known shows, I have to
admit that I wanted to take my resume and hide it.
All done with the Bio, I started in with the interview..
Rick: First, I have to say I really enjoy when you are on TV, you have that unique personality that is quirky and
a lot of fun to watch, TV really needs someone who isnít cookie cutter..
Ryder: Itís fun because I grew up watching a lot of TV, then producing a lot of TV, and it was just one of those
things that came naturally, then at the same time I knew what not to do, I kind of knew that if I thought outside
the box it might be a little bit more successful than just doing it by the book..
Rick: Have you always been interested in the paranormal, or did you get started because of the TV shows.
Ryder: I grew up in an amazing family that let me ask a lot of these ridiculous questions, and my grandmother
was a believer in the paranormal I have always been interested, my grandmother believed in UFOís, and my
grandfather saw the Night Siege which was in the 1980ís, where triangular shaped UFOís came over the Hud-
son Valley and he believed he had seen those ,and my grandfather was also a policeman involved in the Wa-
tergate scandal, so Iím being raised with the paranormal, UFOís and government conspiracies it just seemed
totally normal, so when I started watching the X-Files, and reading science fiction, it just seemed like
Page 4
something that was going to happen for me and I
ended up doing it. Itís a passion of mine that Iíve been
able to actually look into and explore and itís really
exciting for me to say that, because for the longest
time it was just a hobby, And now itís something I can
put some real time and dedicate some effort to..
Rick: So how did Chasing UFOís come about.
Ryder: I always wanted to work with National Geo-
graphic, so when they called and told me they were
considering me for the show, I was really excited. I
grew up watching the X-Files, and was a huge UFO
believer and then working with Ben and James on the
show, they were great, so it really was a dream come
Rick: I saw one of the episodes which featured Area
51, and it was fascinating. There was a part where
all the lights went out above the airfield, and then
something I couldnít really identify flew in. I thought
that deserved a lot more attention than it got, a pretty
compelling piece of video.
Ryder: There were a lot of things on that show I canít
explain, and the military had a big hand in that, it goes
to show you that they really havenít fully disclosed
everything yet, and whoever is out there trying to do
the digging is really knocking on the door of places
they donít want you knocking, still. Iíd love to be
able to go back out there, because I think there are
so many more people coming forward, the U.K. just
released a bunch of UFO documents, they said they
had released everything, and now they are releasing
more, the government is saying there is no proof out
there, a ton of people are saying there is plenty of
proof, itís such an interesting mystery that I donít think
has been investigated enough yet, I think James Fox
has a new documentary, 701, coming out, that I really
want to watch, and he is really good at getting people
to answer his questions, and I think thatís what we
really deserve.
Rick: Do you think there are really men in black.
Shouldnít they try to blend in. I mean try some pastel
colors once in awhile!
Ryder: ha ha.. Well done! Well done! You still hear
the same thing about them, they may have different
attire now, but I still think they are still looking to try to
shut people up, whether itís men in black, the govern-
ment, or something else. I will say itís really exciting,
an investor named Yuri just put up something like a
hundred million dollars in the SETI program, and so
they are really putting some heavy duty money to-
wards really trying to get some answers. So I think
that says a lot, that people with money are putting
their money towards it and thatís how weíll get some
Rick: You know what got my attention. I was listening
to George Noory on Coast to Coast Am one night and
they were talking to a guy about the Vatican having
a secret observatory out in the desert, I think it was
in New mexico, and George asks him if they have
found any asteroids or anything that might hit us or
come close. The guy said there really isnít anything
we know of, the only thing that might come close is
an asteroid named Wormwood. I spun around and
looked at the radio, astonished by what he had said.
I mean, am I the only person who read Revelations in
the Bible. You know, the part that says Wormwood is
going to hit the Earth. The fact that the Vatican has
a secret observatory, obviously they have it because
they are looking for something, and they find an as-
teroid named Wormwood.. And nobody is putting this
together. I mean come on, am I the only person that
ever read Revelations.
Ryder: Yeah, there is a star that falls upon the Earth
and poisons a third of our waters and the Vatican
named something that.
Rick: Evidently only two people, Erin Ryder and Rick
ever read Revelations and Erin was busy being fa-
mous so I was the only human being who knew what
was going on.
Ryder: That is one of those things Iíve said, the Vati-
can comes forward, they have their astronomer come
forward and say that the likelihood of life on other
planets is tremendous, and to think otherwise is ri-
diculous, and yet our government is like no, that canít
happen, there is no proof.
Rick: When the Vatican comes out and says there
may be life on other planets, and that God would be
fine with that, I think itís little probes coming out to
see how we are going to react, there just is no doubt
about that.
Rick: When I watch TV, and I watch all the paranormal
shows, thatís one thing that comes across with, and
that you are doing something you like, that really in-
terests you, it comes across that way, and a lot of the
other people are just doing a TV show.
Ryder: Well I think the one thing for me is that if you
are going to do something you might as well make
it worth doing. And I donít really have fear when it
comes to any of this stuff you know trekking in the
jungles or going into an abandoned asylum, itís excit-
ing and it gets the adrenaline pumping and itís inter-
esting and I just love the idea that there are these big
looming mysteries out there that no one has gotten
answers to, and so that really drives me and I think
the saying The Truth Is Out There is really just the
start of, it would really be something if the answers
were out there and we were able to uncover some of
those, and thatís what really drives me.
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Rick: Hereís a good question that just popped into
my mind, if you had a chance to solve one mystery,
what would it be, would it be ghost, would it be UFOís,
maybe the Kennedy assassination. What would you
go with.
Ryder: I do believe undeniable proof is out there for
both UFOís and the paranormal, I have seen what I
believe is an unidentified flying object when I was in
Texas, and I also saw one when I was in Cabistan,
but I would like to see something more tangible when
it came to UFOís, Iíd really like to hold something,
Iíd like to really be able to have something to look at
and examine. I think
thatís the hardest
part, science is all
about being able
to recreate some-
thing and look at
something and take
something apart,
and Iíd really like to
give them something
and say ďlook at this,
tear this apart, break
it down and tell me
what it really is." I
think that goes with
me loving archae-
ology and Indiana
Jones , itís finding
this fossil this thing that no else has ever found before
and really being able to break it down and look into
it, and thatís something Iíd like to do with UFOís and
Rick: I can see this already.. ď I knew it! I knew it all
Ryder: You know they just found a screw in Japan
thatís 300 million years old, if thatís not a sign that
something been here I donít know what is. Itís just so
interesting that we have all these tiny pieces to the
puzzle and we havenít been able to put together and
just make a breakthrough.
Rick: I think something is coming, and I think when it
does come, I think itís going to be huge, I donít think
itís a little thing saying something, I think we will look
up in the sky, and there is going to be a whole bunch
of stuff just sitting up there, and weíre going to go uh
Ryder: Haha, be careful what you wish for!
Rick: I hope theyíre friendly, and I think everybody
knows itís coming, and I think thatís why they are soft-
ening us up, to tell you the truth.
Rick: Iíve always thought that it is possible seeing as
we know experts have proven that they can have time
travel they have actually made stuff in time, miniscule
amounts, but they have proven it can be done they
just donít have enough power to do it. 150 years from
now, whoís to say that the things were seeing arenít
actually us coming back to see what kind of knuckle-
heads we are.
Ryder: Hey listen, to think that we know everything
about this universe, this place we live, is just crazy;
we learn something new every day, every generation
is just blown away by what we know that we didnít
know, so itís more than possible.
Rick: Ok, new question. How did get started in the TV
show, were you an actress and auditioned, or were
you part of a group and start from there.
Ryder: I started out producing television, and I lived
in New York, I was producing sports, and I was pro-
ducing all sorts of different content, then I moved to
L.A., and I met Josh Gates and Brad Kuhlman and
Casey Brummel who were creating the second sea-
son of Destination Truth, and they asked me to help
produce it, and so I came in, but the timing just didnít
work out, but they remembered me and so when they
produced season 2.5, they called me up and said ď
hey, we remember you and weíd love you to not only
produce but to also help us investigate and be out
looking into these different myths and legends, and I
said absolutely. So thatís how it happened, it wasnít
an audition, it wasnít anything. Literally Josh said he
knew from the minute I walked in that I would be a
great partner for him, and it worked, it really did, we
have a lot of fun together, we play well off each other
really well, and the rest of it is history, we had four or
five seasons that we did together that were really fun
and exciting, and different and new.
Rick: Is there any place that you want to go that you
havenít gotten to, a dream place, where would you
Ryder: Iíve been lucky enough to cross off about fifty
countries and seven continents from my list which is a
lot more than I ever thought I could say. I still want to
go to morocco, I want to go to Croatia, I want to go to
Egypt when things calm down there, Iíve got a num-
ber of places I want to go, I donít think Iíd ever be able
to go to all the counties, because they make up a new
country every day, but Iíd like to keep trying, I have a
trip to Peru coming up, to go to machu Picchu, be-
cause I havenít done the Inca Tail yet, so every year I
think of someplace new, so I doubt my list will ever get
any shorter, it will probably just get longer.
Rick: Is there any place you wonít go back.
Ryder: The forest in Romania, the Aokigahara Forest
in Japan, the suicide woods, I probably wouldnít
Page 6
Ryder: Oh God, thatís a good one!
Rick: and Iíd certainly like to be a the Grassy Knoll in
Dallas with a video camera..
Ryder: Especially knowing where to look..
Rick: Thatís the benefit of hindsight..
Ryder: Roswell would be a really good one, the Betty
and Barney Hill being on the road in New Hampshire
with them, would be something that would be really in-
teresting. You know, itís limitless when you open that
door up, but for me there are a lot of memories and
emotion to a lot of things Iíve seen so I think thatís why
I kind of personalize it.
Rick: Well thank you for the interview, it was blast!
Ryder: It was!
Now for an interesting tidbit, keep your ears open be-
cause Erin has something in the works, and she hopes
to make an announcement soon. I hope itís about her
being on a show, TV needs her..
Psst.. Hey Hollywood, if you are looking for someone
to play the female Indiana Jones, I have a suggestion!
Follow Ryder on Twitter at @erinryder13, and check
out her website, erinryder.com
Disclaimer: If there are any errors in this they are mine,
not Ryderís, because, you know, Iím old and my mem-
ory isnít what it used to be..
go back there, thereís a few that places that kind of
imprinted a lot of sadness and negativity and it just
seems like I did it, I would rather not go back.
Rick: What happened in Romania.
Ryder: I went when we went back to the Hoia Bociu
Forest, and I was lucky enough not to have been
there when our cameraman Evan was hurt the first
time, he was actually thrown out of this strange circle.
Rick: Was that when it looked like a flash of fire and
he went flying backward.
Ryder: Yeah, luckily enough I wasnít there when that
happened, the next time we went back, it just feels
like you entice something, so it just feels very dark
and sinister, and I got the same thing from the suicide
woods. I mean I was there and it just felt, I was having
night terrors for weeks after that, I felt like I left a piece
of myself there, I can see why a lot of people go there
to commit suicide itís so sad itís very strange and de-
ranged, , I did it and I donít need to do it again.
Rick: Here is my favorite question, that I ask every-
body because I think it says something about them,
if you could take a video camera and go back in time
anywhere to solve a mystery, where would you go.
Ryder: Everywhere, itís so funny you ask that Iíve
thought about that a million times over, we were in the
Philippines investigating the Hanging Coffins and we
were in this caves with just stacks of them, and I saw
a full body apparition, it was a her, I could see her
eyes I could see everything it would be amazing to
have gotten that on film. But there are so many things
I think about, what did I really see, because thatís the
other thing too, itís not only that, your brain is pretty
savvy bout filling in pieces of the puzzle so you are
never really 100 percent sure unless you get a chance
to relook at it. We have video cameras everywhere
and still sometimes you donít get it, but I would love
to go back, even without a video camera, just look at
with my own eyes.
Rick: Ok, but the question was bigger than that, you
could go back anywhere in time..
Ryder: Oh thatís pretty great, I donít know any where
besides my time, thatís a difficult question for me, Iíd
love to go back, there are so many historical events
that Iíd like to go back and be there for, but I donít
know them, I donít have an emotional connection to
them, it would just be purely observational and curios-
ity versus having a raw emotion to something that had
already happened.
Rick: Now my two would be Iíd like to sitting out there
in Roswell..
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Five Quick Questions With:
I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing George Noory for this maga-
zine, and I couldnít wait to do it, as it was Kane Hodder and I being guests
on his show that gave us a national voice, and really helped launch the
Hollywood Ghost Hunters. If you havenít listened to Coast to Coast Am, and
you are a fan of the paranormal, you must put it on your to do list, I person-
ally am an avid listener and have gotten quite a bit of information that I have
used to help us find locations to ghost hunt, as well as what is the latest
information in the paranormal world. It is always entertaining, and well worth
listening to, as it is one of the most listened to night shows in the country.
On to the questions!
Rick: OK, my first question, have you ever personal experience, be it with a
ghost or UFO.
George: When I was a younger boy I had what I thought was the old hag experience, I felt this presence, and
I kind of opened my eyes, and there was this wretched looking old hag in the room, look, I had sisters, and a
very pretty mother and everything else, nobody was there, it was this old hag, and she looked at me and dissi-
pated, so I had that when I was younger, also, if you want to call it a paranormal experience, I saw like shadow
rodents one day, going across the road when I was driving, they looked like armadillos with antenna and there
was just a whole line of them, a whole line of them just going right across the road in shadow form, then Iíve
had some intuitive things and stuff like that, but thatís about it.
Rick: I donít know, armadillos with spikes on them going across the road is pretty good..
George: Yeah, it sure is.
Rick: Of all the interviews you have done, has anything that any of your guests have said changed your mind
about something.
George: The New World Order. I did not understand it, nor did I believe it in the beginning when I started doing
Coast to Coast in 2003, that changed with all the different guests that we had on the air. They made me a little
more aware of whatís happening on this planet, and then reincarnation, interviewing some guests about that,
that changed my views, Iíd always had a feeling about reincarnation, that we would come back, and go back
and try and get perfection, but they really solidified it for me.
Rick: So you are a believer in reincarnation now.
George: Yes, I sure am.
Rick: Hereís kind of an interesting question for you. Have you ever thought that one of your guests was feeding
you disinformation.
George: Without giving you a specific name of a guest, yes, I believe that several of them might have been set
ups to try to throw us off course, off track, as if it were their mission, their assignment to do something like that.
Yes, absolutely.
Rick: The next question is kind of a follow up. I know there a lot of people who talked about the men in Black.
Do you think there are men in Black, and have you ever had anybody call you and say you should not have
this guest on.
George: I have had guests who have been clipped when theyíve been on the show, in very strange ways, as a
matter of fact Jordan maxwell one day was getting into something somewhat controversial and he just disap-
peared, he was gone. He said he was still on his phone line and after he was disconnected from us he could
Page 8
hear voices of people in the background roaring ď do you think heíll get the message now". Itís very very weird
Iíve never been visited personally, but I do think the men in Black are real, I donít know if they are extrater-
restrial, or governmental, I donít know, or maybe a a combination of both, but I do believe people have been
visited, have been intimidated, have been told to just keep quiet about all these strange mysteries.
Rick: Hereís another good question, what was your most compelling interview.
George: Iíve had many, from a fellow named Benjamin CrŤme, who said he represented the maitria, whom a
lot of people think is the Antichrist, so there is that direction, so I guess Rick, to single one out as my favorite or
my best, I couldnít do that, I would say that most of them are my favorites and my best, because they all bring
something different to the show, whether itís supernatural, or spiritual, or alternative medicine, they all bring
their own unique gift to the program.
Rick: my last question for you, and I ask this of every single person that I talk to, if you could go back in time,
anywhere in time that you wanted to, to any two events with a video camera to get evidence, where would you
George: Event number one, I want to go back and witness Jesus. Iíd want to see what he did, how he did it, his
followers, the miracles that followed him, so I would definitely go back into that era to see him , and the other, if
I could get into a time machine, do I have to go back, could I go forward.
Rick: No one has ever asked that, but yeah, I think that would be a good one.
George: I would want to go forward, I would like to go forward a thousand years and see what this planet would
be like.
Rick: Do you think it would still be here.
George: God I hope so, I could show up to a very barren planet in the year 3015.
Rick: Thank s George, I really appreciate it!
A woman and her 18 month old daughter were in an automobile accident in Utah, where the car landed upside
down in a river. It was fourteen hours before the police found the car. As they climbed down the embankment
to get to the car, they could hear a womanís voice calling out, saying ď help us"
Hearing the voice they frantically pried at the doors, and could still hear the voice calling for help. They were
finally able to get inside, and found the baby upside down in her car seat, unconscious.. One of the officers
grabbed the baby and ran to the ambulance with her, she was barely alive. The car had been in the freezing
water for fourteen hours, only a pocket of air kept the baby from the water.
Seven of the men who helped in her rescue were treated for hypothermia, yet the baby was still alive.
The officers all recounted hearing the womanís voice calling for help, and how that spurred on their heroic
efforts. The paranormal part of this story. The mother had been killed instantly in the accident, fourteen hours
UPDATE: I called the Spanish Forks Police Department, the people who responded to the accident, and
spoke with Lieutenant Matt Johnson, who told me the Officers were no longer doing interviews, as they had
been swamped with requests, which is definitely understandable. He was polite enough to chat with me, and
I asked him if I could ask a few questions. He said yes, so I asked him if anything had changed since the ac-
cident, any new information , and did the Officers still believe they heard a womanís voice.
His answers were no new information, and yes, the Officer still stand by their original reports.. Thanks to the
Lieutenant for his time and great demeanor..
Page 9
The Dilemma
It was 1979 when my dad called and invited me to
his house in Texas. I hadnít seen him in years, so
I decided to go. I lived in Chicago at the time, and
it would be a long drive to Fort Worth, so I got my
friend Tom to ride with me and share the driving..
That didnít work out so well, Tom couldnít drive a
stick shift, so I ended up driving the whole way any-
way, but it was nice to have company. We headed
towards Tennessee.
We stopped in memphis for the night, and the next
morning we went to Elvisís house because I am a big
fan of The King. We headed down the road after that,
and arrived at my dadís house around 10 Pm. my life
would never be the same after that night.
my dad let us into the house, introductions were
made, there was a man named Wally also there, who
worked for my father. They had been at a local bar
celebrating Wallyís birthday, and had to take him back
to his car. I told my dad I was dead dog tired from all
the driving, and was going to bed. He pointed out a
room, and the rest of them went back to the bar, leav-
ing me alone in the house.
I went into the room, a small bedroom with a canopy
bed, a window letting the moonlight shine in towards
the foot of the bed. I closed the door behind me,
there was one of those sliding locks on the door, so
I locked that, and laid down on the bed, very tired. I
wasnít in bed for but a few minutes, when I heard
what can only be described as a loud exhaling of
breath, more than loud enough for me to sit up and
look around. I could see the room clearly from the
light coming in through the window.. there was noth-
ing there, so I laid back down. Again, a little louder
this time, I hear the breath. my first thought was that
the air conditioner had turned off, I was hearing the
sound it makes when it turns off..I was wrong.. It hap-
pened again. Air conditioners donít turn off twice, so
that wasnít it.
I thought that maybe my dad had a dog, and maybe
he was under the bed, so I got up and looked all
through the room, under the bed, and in the closet..
nothing.. Once again I got back into bed, this time I
was sitting up so I could see the room, and truthfully,
fully aware that something was wrong.. my senses
were on alert, I could feel something in the room, but
still couldnít see anything.. then it happened, a defin-
ing moment in my life, the moment that led me to a
lifelong obsession with the paranormal.
I was sitting up in the bed , looking forward, when
a very loud breath , a breath that was unmistakably
meant to scare me, it was so close to me that I could
actually feel the force and heat of it on my neck right
behind my right ear. I jumped out of bed, grabbed
the door , but it wouldnít open because of the slider
lock.. I yanked that door so hard that I broke the
frame and the slider lock in my haste to get out of
that room.
I didnít even want to be in the house, so I went and
stood on the front lawn. After a few minutes my dad
turned the corner, he lived at the end of the cul de
sac, and pulled into the driveway. He and Tom got out
and walked toward me, they could both see some-
thing was wrong.
my dad looked at me for a minute, then laughed and
said ď he got you, didnít he". I asked him what he
meant, and he let out a loud exhale.. I looked at him,
I couldnít believe what he had just said.. I said ď you
knew about this". He just smiled and said ď it hap-
pens all the time"
Later that night, Tom, my dad and I were in the living
room, talking about ghosts. my dad asked me what I
thought ghosts were, and I told him that I had heard
that they were energy from a dead person. I had
barely said that, when a flash, like the flash from an
old time flash bulb went off in between us..
I became a committed ghost hunter that night, and
in the couple of months that I was there, that house
proved to be by far the most haunted house Iíve
ever been in, and itís not even close.. I have at least
a dozen stories I could share, most of them when
somebody else was with me that would knock your
socks off.
I really want to go hunt that house now that I have
the equipment to try and capture some evidence, and
I actually have the phone number of the people who
live there. Hereís where it gets tricky.. I have never
met these people, and I understand they are an
elderly couple.. Here is my dilemma.. do I call them
and tell them itís haunted, and risk scaring them.
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Location of the Month:
My first visit to the Graber Olive House in Ontario,
California was several years ago, when my friend
Scott Gruenwald ( Paranormal Paparazzi) invited
our group out for his paranormal get together, called
Stu Con. We had been to other Stu Cons , the ones
at Linda Vista Hospital, and had a blast, always fun
to meet new people, and although it was fifty miles
away, which meant I would have to drive for an hour
each way, which was fine, but it also meant I had
to listen to Ra mihailoff, also known as Leatherface
from Texas Chainsaw massacre 3..even that didnít
stop me!
As we went through this very nice neighborhood of
homes, we spotted it, and pulled over and parked..
about a block away, because people were already
there, it is always well attended. We walked up to the
event, and it was hopping! Scott always makes sure
itís entertaining, I mean, really, where else can you
find a full grown man in a tutu being shot by paintball
guns. True story, he does it every year. That boy
has issues, I think.. BTW, mr. Gruenwald, do another
Stu Con!
The Graber Olive House is house, and next to it, an
olive processing plant, owned by Cliff Graber, who
Iíve come to know, and is a genuinely really good
man, who gave us the tour of the place. During the
day it is a quaint house up front, and a rustic type of
factory, it has an old loft area that resembles a barn,
which has a great look, and several rooms of vats,
lots of vats for the olives. It doesnít have a hint of
being haunted at all. That changes quickly when it
gets dark..
I was running around like a kid in a candy store, lis-
tened to a fascinating talk by Ben Hansen, went over
and chatted with Britt Griffith from Ghost Hunters,
then I stopped by mike murrayís booth , P-Tec, who
builds some really excellent equipment. Of course I
had to buy some infrared lights ( glad I did, they work
much better than the Sony light I have), also picked
up a device that will light up and emit an alarm when
it detects footsteps, and a piece of equipment that
attaches to your voice recorder, and has lights that
will tell you when it hears a sound, great for check-
ing EVPís! Ramihailoff was over regaling Leatherface
fans, letting them bask in the megawattage of his
superstardom.. We met some great people, ate
some of the best tacos ever, and you will always
have a good time when Scott Gruenwald is around.
I also really enjoyed the speeches, the booths were
cool too. They had an auction, and I bought more
lights from mike murray and P-Tec, yeah, what can
I say, they are good
I also met the
guys from the
group Darklands
Paranormal, marco
Santucci and Scott
Ault, who run the
ghost hunts at Graber,
which would come in
handy, I did a hunt there for a Halloween bit on the
Home and Family TV show, where Ed Ackerman and
I took Debbie matenopolous, she was on the View
before Home and Family, on a ghost hunt at Graber.
I thought the location would look great in the dark,
rustic and creepy enough for TV, probably get some
good reactions from Debbie, as it was her first hunt.
Apparently ghosts can become enamored of some
people, and I think a spirit had the hots for Debbie..
we had the K2 out, and it wouldnít go off for us, but
if Debbie talked, it would respond, three to five light
responses! Debbie was getting a big kick out of this,
and was playing along, which got even more activ-
ity.. Criminy sakes you two, get a room! As we went
along, it responded five lights to her, and she said ď
oh, I love you! Will you come home with me." Oh no!
Old Rick will not stand by quietly for that one! I told
her that if you invite a spirit to go with you, some-
times it will.. I then said forcefully ď you understand
that you canít go with Debbie, this is your place, and
you have to stay here". Evidently the spirit under-
stood, we got a five light response.. I donít know who
the spirit is, Cliff Graber thought it might be a former
worker there, and it responded when Cliff asked if
it was him, but I think I wouldíve liked him.. marco
Santucci and Scott Ault were also there asking ques-
tions, and we got a lot of activity, like I said, it may
look kind of serene in the daytime, but it can surprise
you at night.
It was starting to get late, so we headed down to
the vat room, a very eerie looking place in the dark,
row after row of vats, in a room of dark wood. Ed
Ackerman, the other HGH member there had been
filming, so he and I switched places, I filmed while
he worked with Debbie.. Ed is a big dude, very funny
guy, he plays one of the Visigoths on the Capitol
One commercials, and he also co starred in Hatchet
2, so he is good on camera, he is always a good
addition to a hunt.
Page 11
Ed started showing Debbie around, and answering her
questions, as I filmed the vat room.. The Home and Family
crew were filming them, and as I swept the camera across
the room, a white shape came up from the vats and darted
across the screen..we stopped filming, rewound the camera,
and watched the playback, you can see it in this article.. Ed,
Debbie and I tried to recreate it, Cliff had a small flashlight,
but he and everyone else was in the other room, with a wall
between where they were, and where I was filming. We had
Cliff shine his light into the room several times, but could
barely see the light at all, and the angle was all wrong for
him to have been able to cause it.. As always, we let you
decide what you think it may be..
I have to say, it was a great time, Cliff gave us all a box of
olives, which was very kind, and may I say delicious.! Thank
you Cliff! Thanks to Scott Ault and marco Santucci of Darklands Paranormal for the location hook up, to
Debbie matenopoulous, who is an absolute sweetheart, and to Home and Family for having us on their show.
For decades we have been hearing about the ď men In Black"..very mean characters who show up at the door-
step of people who have reported a UFO sighting, and then try to scare them into keeping quiet.
Now I believe there are government people who actually do this, and I also believe there are more people in
the government in charge of spreading disinformation than there are who give out real information.. but I do
have a major problem with this..
Donít you think in most places where UFOís have been seen, take Los Angeles for example, that two men
dressed all in black suits might not just be pretty easy to spot. Isnít it about time the men In Black started
wearing flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. Just saying, might want to try and blend in with the crowd a little..
Page 12
Darklands Paranormal
I first met Marco Santucci and Scott Ault at
the Linda Vista Hospital Stu Con, and be-
came friends with them instantly, they have
a weird sense of humor and are just gener-
ally really good guys. As you will read in the
Location of the month in this issue, marco
and Scott run the ghost hunts at Graber Ol-
ive House in Ontario, California, where they
have had several really good encounters
and have gotten some very good evidence,
one being what resembles an old time
phone booth, which appears in one picture
and disappears in the next.
The guys have helped us out on numerous
occasions, so I decided to let them write a
bio about themselves..
marco Santucci and Scott Ault are the
founders of Darklands Paranormal out of
Ontario California. They are most known
for putting Graber Olive House on the
haunted map in 2012 when it aired on my
Ghost Story. That had lead to working with DreamWorks animation with a project concept bringing the writers
and producer to Graber Olive House to see how ghost hunting is done. In June of 2014 Storage Wars filmed
an episode there called "Ghosts don't need money" where real footage was caught by Scott on video of the
creeper moving through the vat room. The footage was released by us to be used, but never made it in. WTF.
Scott Ault has had the ability to capture ghosts on film since he was a kid. They seem to gravitate towards him
for the photos.
marco Santucci has been able to hear spirits since he was a kid. He says it was like hearing static radio waves,
so naturally he has the ability to catch many class A EVP's in many locations.
Though they own almost every piece of equipment known to man, they normally stick to what they call old
school; a camera and digital recorder, that's what produces the evidence in the end. To view and hear their
evidence, their website is www.darklandsparanormal.webs.com
To check the video of the Time Travelling Phone booth, or as marco calls it, The Interdimensional Travel Unit,
go here.. https://youtu.be/YzZcv1N8Uem
Page 13
On the set
Page 14
Reader Story of the Month
My experience with a texan soldier at gettysburg
(or Chivalry from Beyond the grave)
By Bonnie Bartholomew
Back in October 2013 I spent a few days in beau-
tiful Gettysburg, PA. I had gone through a rough
period and needed a few days to decompress and
refocus. I drove down to Gettysburg on a Sunday,
arriving about 2 pm, checked into the motel and
crashed for a couple of hours. About 5 pm I went
for dinner and toured around the battlefield for a
couple of hours.
While out on the battlefield that Sunday night, I went
to an area called Devilís Den (the Den is a hot spot
for paranormal activity, has been for a long time. I
had my digital recorder with me and decided to do
an EVP session right there in the parking area of
Devilís Den. I asked a question and waited a few
seconds, then asked another. I was recording for
about 20 minutes or so. There were other people
and cars at the Den, so when a noise from a car or
people I would mention that.
When I did listen to the recording back in CTI didnít
listen to the recording till I got back to Connecticut
later that week. I had asked if anyone was near me,
I could hear whisperings. I asked if there Union sol-
diers near me, no response. I asked if there were
Confederate soldiers near me, I got a very breathy
ďYes" answer.
Then I went on my way to Little Round Top. Now
it was getting late, later than I usually stay on the
battlefield. Back to the motel to rest, plan what to do
the next day, and sleep.
monday saw the usual sightseeing and shopping.
I stopped at the motel and dropped off my good-
ies from the shopping and took a nap. monday
evening the same thing as Sunday. Went out for
dinner and went unto the battlefield. This night
I went along Confederate Ave and lingered at a
few spots: the Texas memorial, the memorial for
General Longstreet, and the information sign for
General Longstreetís corps on the far side of the
Confederate line.
I slept for a while. I awoke about 12:45 and could
not go back to sleep. So about 2 am, I got myself
dressed and walked over to the Lincoln Train
museum located next door to my motel. It was
then as I was standing in front of the building that I
heard and saw a small group of rowdy young men
on the opposite side of the street. I could hear
them hooting and hollering. Now I am thinking: I
am in trouble. Bear in mind, my mobility is not
good, I move around with a cane. I had my cell
phone with me, just in case. I started to reach for
it when I felt something different.
At that moment I felt an arm go from my left
should and go to my right hip. I could tell this was
a male form. I could feel a jacket of some sort. I
looked to my left and saw no one there! I could
clearly feel the arm and hand on me and I could
feel his torso next to me. I placed my hand where
his hand was and could feel his hand . For what-
ever reason, I could not see the soldier but the
group did. The group of young men stopped their
carrying on and went another direction.
For whatever reason I knew this was a ghost of a
solder. I could a voice talking but could not make
out what was being said.
I spoke out loud and said I can hear you but can-
not make out what you are saying. I spoke to the
spirit thanking him for what he did. I could not
see him but the young men across the street sure
did. There were just a couple of things before we
I wanted to know was what side he was from.
I said to the spirit for a yes answer; place your
face against mine. Was he Union. No response.
Are you Confederate. Yes! I could feel his beard
against my face. We are not talking a beard like
General Longstreet, more like General Leeís.
Were you from Texas. Another Yes answer.
Officer. Yes was he associated with General
Longstreet. I was not able to get further answers
from my mystery soldier.
Page 15
I ambled back to the motel room and went to bed. I made sure the door was shut and locked just in case of
those young men came back and saw where I went. At one point I could smell tobacco, not ordinary tobacco.
The stuff you would use in a pipe. I had an uncle who used a pipe years before and still remember how that
stuff smelled. This was pipe tobacco a cherry scent.
Chivalry was not dead, no pun intended. It reached out beyond the grave, even after 150 years. Do I think the
voice I heard at Devilís Den and the soldier outside my motel was the same entity. Possible, I am not going
to say no that possibility.
Page 16
In next months
issue : Group of
the Month,
Paranormal from