The Pioneer Saloon

I was invited to join a ghost hunt at the famous Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs Nevada, by Jill Allen Padovese of Pioneer Saloon Investigators, and had been driving down from Las Vegas, listening to music and feeling excited about getting to explore such an iconic location. I turned off the highway onto a dark, lonely two way road, you know, the kind of road they use in horror movies and drove seven miles, all the time thinking that if the Pioneer Saloon is at the end of this road it must haunted. I had no idea how right I was.

As I drove over the top of the hill, I could see below me the Pioneer Saloon. It truly was a sight to see, it was almost like going back in time. As I pulled in front and parked, I was impressed by the authentic look of the building. I walked to the left side of the building into the Good Springs general store, where I met the Lead Investigator, Jill Allen Padovese. The best way to describe her is as a human tornado, with an infectious laugh that you can feel all the way down to your toes. I knew I would enjoy myself with her showing me around.

We sat down in a long bar waiting for the rest of the members to appear, and talked about some of the occurrences that happened there.. Before I get to our hunt, here are Noel Sheckells, Owner of the Pioneer Saloon, and Jill Allen Padovese of the Pioneer Saloon Investigators.


The Saloon is probably most famous due to a tragedy that occurred on a mountaintop nearby. The famous actress Carole Lombard was killed in a plane crash, and Clark Gable sat quietly at the bar as they tried to recover his wifes body. Some claim Carole still visits the bar.

The haunted lockdown events originally started late in 2013 after the airing of the Ghost Adventures episode featuring the 100+ year old saloon and town. The proprietor, Noel Sheckells saw an opportunity to allow the general public to experience the same paranormal event as Zak, Nick and Aaron did when they were ”locked” into the saloon for an overnight investigation. He also had the idea of all the proceeds to be donated back to the town of Good Springs as a charitable deed and to keep a small town up of a little over 200 residents alive. I was lucky enough to meet Noel and some of his family who work there, and every one of them is as nice as you could ask for, and they make you feel welcome from the minute you walk in the door.

All of what happened next was captured on video and audio

Jill then took us to the back room, where there were two round tables, and I sat in the very spot where the man had been shot to death cheating at cards. Even as I sat down I had a very funny feeling that there were spirits near me, and I was to find out very quickly that I was correct. As we sat down, the guests, the investigators and I all set out our equipment, there were several voice recorders, and I had in front of me a K2 meter, and the girl next to me also set one in front of me, because she was sitting in the curve of the table, and the only place she could set hers was directly next to mine. Jill had been telling us more of the history and after about 5 minutes both of the K 2 meters in front of me went off with all 10 lights flashing, and they continued to go full blast for about ten seconds, when they instantly stopped.

We were all are chatting, and after a short time once again all 10 lights started flashing in front of me. I have been ghost hunting for over thirty years and what happened next has never happened to me before. I instantly became incredibly sick to my stomach, so much so that I thought I was going to be sick right then and there. I felt my body begin to tense up, and an intensely cold feeling went through my entire body. Jill, looking at the K2 meter going off says I think the spirits really like you. I replied I’m not so sure they do. Right at this moment the video captures a voice, a woman’s voice saying “we do”. Immediately following that you can hear “Rick” being called out, which we heard with our own ears at the time. Jill takes a good look at me and says” what’s wrong”? I asked Jill to feel my forehead and as she does she says “oh my God you’re as cold as ice”. The girl sitting next to me then reaches over and touches my left forearm and she says the same thing.

I am feeling so sick I get up and go outside to try and catch some fresh air, and as I walk about a foot and a half behind another girl that is sitting there she says” I can feel how cold he is from here”. I make it outside as the group continues to investigate. In the past I have been touched by spirits and on occasion I have felt a cold spot develop where I felt a touch, this however is my entire body, so all I can surmise is that I’m being touched by multiple entities.

I lean against the rail trying to compose myself, I haven’t been this sick for a long time, and after about 10 minutes Jill comes out to check on me. We talk for a few minutes, I feel much better and decide to go back inside and resume the hunt. As soon as we walk in the door I feel like I’ve been hit by a tsunami of sickness, and the ice cold feeling instantly returns. There is no way that I can continue the investigation, as I fear that I will ruin it for everyone, and I decide that it is best that I leave.

The rest of the investigators were still at the tables and turned around, looking to see if I was all right, when I told them that I thought it was best that I left for the evening, and as I turned to leave there was a voice captured, an EVP, not an actual voice you can hear at the time which said” turn Rick back”. For some reason I stopped and turned back to them to say my goodbyes and once again turned to leave when another voice says this time a man’s voice” release him” as I was walking away.

The fresh air made me feel a little bit better, clearing my head, but I was still incredibly sick to my stomach and during the drive back to Las Vegas there were many times when I almost pulled off the road to get sick. I finally reached Las Vegas and saw a CVS store and ran inside and bought a bottle of Tums and power slammed about a handful. I finally reached my evil stepmothers house where I was staying, and the rest of the night wasn’t great, but when the morning rolled around I felt a lot better.

Jill called me later that week and asked how I was feeling, and then told me something that really caught my interest. It appears that two more times during their investigation that people heard my name called out. I was later to find out that it happened again the following day. It seems like something really wanted my attention, I just wish it could find a better way of showing it!