Pioneer Saloon Investigators


Ara Ochoa, Darrell Harris, Jill Allen-Padovese, Jennifer Fargnoli, Linda Masanimptewa

Jill Allen-Padovese, also known as Jellybeans, was the radio show host of “Psychic Smackdown” on 107.5 where she predicted future for the listeners. Nowadays we can find Jill out at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada where she works during the day. Jill is the Pioneer Saloon’s Director of Haunted Lockdown and is the Lead Investigator of the Pioneer Saloon Investigators (PSI). Jill uses her psychic abilities to communicate with the spirits, which helps to provide a great experience for the lockdown guest.

Linda Masanimptewa is PSI’s team photographer. She has published books of her experiences as a paranormal investigator and hosted an online radio show “Got Ghost? Will Travel”. Linda works as a cook on an Air Force Base and is a paranormal sleuth at night. She is proud of her heritage of being half Japanese and Native Hopi Indian. Being a sensitive, the Pioneer Saloon lockdown events have made her more of aware of the spirits.

Jennifer Lynn Fargnoli is PSI’s Paranormal Investigator-Tech. Jennifer’s paranormal experiences started when she as a little girl. She could hear doors closing, strange footsteps, and water running…her house was haunted. Jennifer works as a manager of a large chain store. As a Sensitive, she feels presences of the spirits and is honored to be a part of the Historic Pioneer Saloon and the amazing people who frequent the bar, living and passed. Jennifer is proud to call the PSI team members family.

MaryLynn Bast is PSI’s Psychic Medium. MaryLynn has a lifetime experience with the paranormal world and shares her gifts by helping those in need of spiritual guidance and advice. As clairvoyant medium, MaryLynn communicates with the spirits and provides a connection to the living. She is proud to be a member of the Pioneer Saloon team and loves to work with guests during the lockdowns.

Ara Ochoa: I am a ticketing agent and makeup artist. I was introduced to the paranormal investigation a few years ago when I visited the Pioneer Saloon with my husband, I used to watch TV shows about it but it wasn’t until then that I could really experience it.

Since I joined PSI I’ve had many paranormal experiences, or maybe this has been around me the whole time but now I pay attention and learn from it. PSI rocks!

Darrell Harris had a long time interest in the paranormal and the spirit world starting as a young child in Orange County, California. Along with being a “ ghost hunter “ with the Pioneer Saloon Investigators, Darrell is known wordwide as both a touring musician and Pro Photographer with Getty Images. He uses his photographic and video skills during PSI Haunted Lockdowns!

Darrell is married to Ara, also of PSI.