In the last issue I wrote a Paranormal Tidbit that spoke of a car crash in Utah, I will rerun it here as an introduction to Tyler.

Paranormal Tidbit

A woman and her 18 month old daughter were in an automobile accident in Utah, where the car landed upside down in a river. It was fourteen hours before the police found the car. As they climbed down the embankment to get to the car, they could hear a woman’s voice calling out, saying “help us”

Hearing the voice they frantically pried at the doors, and could still hear the voice calling for help. They were finally able to get inside, and found the baby upside down in her car seat, unconscious… One of the officers grabbed the baby and ran to the ambulance with her, she was barely alive. The car had been in the freezing water for fourteen hours, only a pocket of air kept the baby from the water.

Seven of the men who helped in her rescue were treated for hypothermia, yet the baby was still alive.

The officers all recounted hearing the woman’s voice calling for help, and how that spurred on their heroic efforts. What is the paranormal part of this story? The mother had been killed instantly in the accident, fourteen hours earlier.

UPDATE:  I called the Spanish Forks Police Department, the people who responded to the accident, and spoke with Lieutenant Matt Johnson, who told me the Officers were no longer doing interviews, as they had been swamped with requests, which is definitely understandable.  He was polite enough to chat with me, and I asked him if I could ask a few questions?  He said yes, so I asked him if anything had changed since the accident, any new information, and did the Officers still believe they heard a woman’s voice?

His answers were no new information, and yes, the Officers still stand by their original reports.  Thanks to the Lieutenant for his time and great demeanor.

I was reading through the last issue when I saw this, and heard Tyler on the George Noory show, Coast to Coast AM, and I knew I had to ask him some follow up questions.


Rick: I think the best question to start with is the obvious one. What happened when you responded to the car crash? And what position do you have?

Tyler: I am a patrol officer on the police force, it was a kind of your typical Saturday, it was kind of slow, there were four of us working, and we got called to the river to the upside down car that was in the river, and when we get there you can see a hand that was protruding out of the window of the car. But we didn’t know at the time if someone was still alive in the car, but as we get down there, there are just four of us there, four officers and as we get down into the water is when we heard the voice saying “help me, help me”. We thought someone was still alive in this car we have to do what we can, so were able to flip the car over onto its side, but that is when we found there was only one adult female in the car that had been dead for hours, she had died on impact and had been there for quite some time, she didn’t have any color and everything, but we found  that little baby Lilly was in the back seat unconscious, but she was just an infant, but the words I heard was an adult female voice, and we all heard that, and there is no disputing from each of us saying “ I heard this or I heard that”, it was all kind of the same voice which is crazy.

Rick: The car was down there, upside down in the water for like thirteen hours before you guys got there?

Tyler: Yeah, fourteen hours was what the investigators determined with witness accounts and everything, so yeah, fourteen hours.

Rick: The coroner said the lady died pretty much on impact didn’t he?

Tyler: Yes he did, I haven’t said a lot because I don’t want to, because it’s kind of detailed in the book, she was so, so damaged from it, and it was hard to see.

Rick: I’ve been very interested in your story, because I’ve been interested in angels all my life, I have actually had things of an angelic nature happen to me, so I’ve always been fascinated by it. Where you a believer in angels before this happened?

Tyler: You know what’s funny, I grew up in the Mormon faith and I was pretty active and we believe in angels and angelic encounters all the time, but with police work, I’m thirty one years, I started at twenty one, it seems like I’ve had crazy experiences, I had a quadruple homicide, where a dad murdered his wife, mother in law and two children in the home that I helped investigate.  Kind of rough, So I found myself starting to doubt God and doubting angelic things, so I was in such a down spot at that time that it really transformed me back to believing again, I kind of did a one eighty but, but prior to the river I was kind of in the dumps of not believing until we heard that voice, and the feelings I got was like wait a minute, why was I doubting this?

Rick: I can see where that would happen. I had an internship as a Detective of a Police Department, that was what my degree was in, and I tell you I give you all credit in the world, I could not do it. I went the first couple of days and the people I met, I said man, I don’t want to meet these kinds of people!

Tyler: (Laughing) It’s tough, and you know you have all the negativity with all the media over the last several years of anti-police this, or whatever it may be. Those are tough things.

Rick: This will be in the article, because I’ll tell you right now I’m not one of those kinds of people who bag on the police, I have the utmost respect for what you guys do.

Tyler: I appreciate it.

Rick: Let me ask you, the first time I read about this I had never seen any of the video of what happened and the other day I saw the video going up to the car, and I heard the voice for myself on the video.

Tyler: Nice

Rick: Do other people hear it, I have a feeling a lot of other people don’t hear it.

Tyler: A lot of people don’t, and I tell them it is part of the video, I’ve had a lot of messages and things lately since we did Fox and Friends it’s kind of spread out there that a lot of people have said I slowed it down, I listened to it over and over, and I can hear something on there. I thought a lot of people are going to start saying you’re crazy, you’re hearing voices, but with all four of us that heard it, there really hasn’t been a lot of doubt, people have been pretty positive with OK, I understand this.

Rick: I think that all four of you are policemen adds a lot of validity to what you’re saying. I mean who are you going to believe if you don’t believe the guys you call to come save you?

Let me ask you, have you seen the little girl since that has happened?

Tyler: I have, she is doing fantastic, no side effects, no anything. I talked to the doctor who helped work on her and he said as many hours that on her, and not having any brain injury or side effects that there is really no scientific or medical way to describe it other than a miracle, she’s phenomenal.

Rick: That is really cool. I understand you wrote a book about the occurrence.

Tyler: I did, I was so down in my faith and this really transformed me. I started getting e-mails and calls from all around the world, from China to Mexico to Canada, here, everywhere and saying like, hey, this changed my life I was kind of in adown spot, and this gave me a little hope.

I thought I really hadn’t talked too much about it other than saying we heard this voice helped us, so for me I wanted to put not only this into words, but also how my faith was so in the dumps prior to this and how it’s changed since then, so I wrote a book with New York Times best seller Ptolemy Tompkins and we wrote Proof of Angels.

Rick: I am very much into the whole realm of angels. I don’t tell very many people this, but I had my life saved by what I can only believe was angelic intercession.

Tyler: Really?

Rick: I was under my 240ZX, a very low slung sports car, trying to get the oil pan bolt off, when I heard a voice in my head say “ let it go” There was no one else in the house it was about 11 at night, so I ignored it and went to really put a good pull on the wrench to get the bolt loose when I heard “ let it go” again, this time much more stern. I didn’t pull on the wrench, and slid out from under the car, and just as my head cleared from under the car, the car fell off the jack and crashed to the floor. It came so close to my head that I actually felt the car go through the hair on the top of my head. Absolutely no doubt in my mind something saved my life that night. So I definitely understand what you say in the book about how it can change your perspective on things.

Tyler: Yeah, absolutely, it really did.

Rick: Did this affect the other three guys?

Tyler: It did, we talked a little bit about it but I think it was funny, because we have a lot of religious guys on the force, but the four that were working, the four that were there that day I would say were all pretty similar in religious, we were all starting to doubt, which is funny because of all the people working it was the four of us that probably needed that more than anybody, and that’s who heard that.

Rick: Maybe you guys were sent there because you guys needed something too.

Tyler: That’s what I’ve told people in interviews, yeah, we were the ones who rescued Baby Lily, but the voice really rescued us that day, which was pretty remarkable.

Rick: Fantastic!  Thanks for the interview.

Tyler: My pleasure.


Tyler and Baby Lily