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I had a chance to sit down with one of the brightest rising Ufologists in the field of Ufology today.  If you are serious about the subjects of Ufology, Disclosure and all things UFO, then Chase is SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW.


Chase Kloetzke is a UFO Investigator as well as radio talk show host.  She is a Mufon special assignment team leader and is the Assistant National Director of Mufon in Mexico.  Chase is also a member of Mufon’s International Star Team, reporting to 14 other countries and helping investigators overseas.

Tom. There is so much for me to talk with you about.  Let me start by asking how long you have been a Ufologist and what got you started.

Chase:  My interest in Ufology started as a teen.  I read Erich Von Daniken’s book ‘Chariots of the God’s’ in 1994.  I then entered the field of Ufology, became a Ufologist, and have been investigating mysteries ever since.

Tom:  Tell me about your first UFO investigation, how excited you were, and what went on at the site.

Chase:  My first investigation was assigned to me by Mufon in 1996 and I couldn’t help but get excited when the phone rang.  I dove right in and worked the claims.  What I mean by that is I always approach things like an engineer and work the problems.  I am always looking for admissibility and to meet the burden of proof; it’s very difficult when you are looking for things that are not supposed to exist.

Tom:  Tell me about the one case in your career that you absolutely had a blast working on and investigating?

Chase:  My most favorite case was in Tennessee.  One night there was a terrible thunderstorm and this woman was convinced that a grey entity was looking at her through her window.  The next day she had found a very strange substance outside her window and was convinced it was extraterrestrial in nature.  I got the call to join the state investigator at the site. My job was to gather the evidence and examine the substance she had found.  The woman was an eccentric older lady, with Elvis memorabilia all around her home.  I remember having such a good time chatting with her about how much she loved him.  I collected the sappy-crust like substance, and it was weird. I could not find a sample anywhere else on her property except under the window.  I sent it to the lab to be forensically processed and tested by a chemist, and it turned out to be a substance found in miraclegro.  The lady insisted I talk to her girlfriend Shirley who was also convinced the substance was extraterrestrial.  I then explained my entire process of investigation and the lab results from the chemist to her friend Shirley…………… by the way, her friend turned out to be none other than Shirley MacLaine.

Tom: Now of course I have to ask you what the one case was or is that you would love to have investigated but never got a chance to do so for one reason or another.

Chase:  Absolutely Rendlesham.  Ya know Tom, I say that because I have the memory of the first time I heard the accounts from the witnesses, and Colonel Halt who said he saw this light coming down, or this stuff coming from this object that looks very much like molten metal.  I never forgot that because as an investigator I have always been drawn to, and seem to identify with what he said since my forte is physical evidence.  I know what the investigative procedure should have been, but over the years I’ve never heard anybody talk about going back to see what that substance was or what fell from that object.  Why didn’t somebody do that?  After asking that question over and over in my career, I’ve always gotten the answer that nobody knows if anyone ever has.  That would be the case I wish I could have investigated, only because in my view it was such a missed opportunity.

Tom: So we’ve talked about a couple cases now, please walk me through exactly what happens on an investigation and what your process is to determine whether an alleged UFO sighting or abduction may be real or not.

Chase:  The first thing I would do is contact the witness. That is the most important thing to do in order to document the witness statement properly.  If we find a piece of metal, it’s just a piece of metal until the witness gives you an event around it.  Then, depending on what they’re telling me, I need to figure out what direction to go in with my investigation.  Sometimes I would deal with the physical evidence, other times I would probably just canvas the area.  We work the case, work the leads, and always look for ways to go back and find proof.  If there’s a witness, we work off what they tell us. Sometimes it leads us to a brick wall and that’s okay because you can rule things out and not waste time.

Tom:  What is your next step when you find physical evidence at a sight and what do you do with it?

Chase:  I collect it; in fact I collect every possible thing I can. I collect more than I need and as much as I can.  I have spent a lot of time honing my evidence collection skills and my forensic skills.  I realized a long time ago that the forensic and scientific part of every investigation is going to be just an important as the witness testimony.  Each type of substance and material is different and collected differently. There are processes that the labs require before they will even look at it.

Tom:  Do you believe extraterrestrials are friendly, and if they are, do they have any intention of working with mankind to make the planets a better place to live, both theirs and ours?

Chase:  There’s a line in the sand.  We have a community that believes that the extraterrestrials have our best interest in mind, and then we have just as many on the other side that say they don’t.  There’s no empirical evidence on one side or the other yet for us to make a call, and as an investigator, I don’t have the luxury to have an opinion about that.  When we speak about certainties, and you have the responsibility and title of an investigator, you are held to a higher standard and there’s not enough conclusive evidence on either side to say exactly what their agenda is…………….. good or bad.

Tom:  I know that we both knew an amazing man and Ufologist by the name of Dr. Roger Leir.  The work he did was incredible and the whole UFO community misses him immensely.  You did some work with Dr. Leir and I’m wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your relationship with him and give me your thoughts on a man that I consider one of the top Ufologists of all time.

Chase:  I really miss him because he was very conscientious and did such great work with his alien implant removal surgeries.  Roger had such a wealth of information and foundation of knowledge, and that is what you really need to make a difference.  For him to do the research that he did, come so close to satisfying that burden of proof each time, and to have this device that you open up that science will fully admit they can’t explain, is amazing.  I love the work that he did because these were anomalous devices that were completely taken out of people and looked at through science, although still unexplained.

Tom:  I had the unique opportunity of actually going to one of Dr. Leir’s implant removal surgeries; I am wondering if you ever got to attend one?

Chase:  I did and it was incredible.  I watched through a video monitor and it was an amazing experience.  Now since the witness was one of mine, I had the job, once the implant was removed, of getting it to the lab, processing it, and maintaining the chain of custody.  To this day, we have not gone public with the case since the witness requested it to remain private.

Tom:  Now that Dr. Leir has passed away, is there anybody else that will continue to do these types of surgeries?

Chase:  Not at the moment; I am not aware of any.

Tom:  Chase I have to ask you; do you blame those who have had a UFO sighting or have maybe been abducted for not coming out with the experience for fear of being labeled a quack or unstable?

Chase:  I don’t blame them at all. At times, the UFO Community has not treated witnesses well at all.  We will ask them to please come forward and talk about their experiences because it’s very important for our research and for the world to know.  It’s also important for other people who are experiencing the same type of phenomena to hear what they went through.  The problem is that a lot of times we would need to end our cases because we weren’t prepared to help the witness through the criticisms and the ridicule.  Take a look at the famous case of Travis Walton; he has never even reported being abducted.  Travis took a lie detector test and jumped through hoops, and yet there are still people that say they don’t believe him.   I’m very protective of my witnesses, and encourage them to come forward, but only if they are comfortable doing so.

Tom:  Chase, do you believe that we as a people and as a population are ready to learn the truth about alien life?

Chase:  I do, I really do.  I think there’s been an acceptance and I think that humanity is not only ready but we need it.  We need to know the truth about extraterrestrials.  I think knowing will make us better human beings.

Tom:  It seems like the general thought when it comes to the government and Ufology is that there is a massive cover up.  What are your thoughts on our government and what they are hiding from us?

Chase:  I believe they are hiding evidence that UFOs are absolutely real and they have visited our Earth.  I don’t believe it’s the whole government, rather the cover-up comes from a shadow government within the government that control so much. They don’t really care about the world stage; they care more about the impact of advanced knowledge.

Tom:  Many people do not understand why, so I want to ask you this question; why is it the government does not want us to know that we have been visited if we indeed have?

Chase:  Because they lose power, the elite would lose power.   Knowledge is power; this has nothing to do with money, it’s about the knowledge that is the power.  They are secret keepers Tom, they hold so many keys we can’t touch them.  For instance, they don’t tell the president of the United States because he is on a need-to-know basis. It won’t help him make better decisions about the United States so why let him know?

Tom:  So Chase would you say that disclosure is at the hands of the Illuminati, or the shadow government, or whatever you choose to call them?

Chase:  I like to use the words shadow government because those are the secret keepers and the ones that are really in control.  There is a school of thought that has been developing that the Extra Terrestrials are actually the ones that control the information; the ones that are in charge of the secrecy and have told our government to keep the truth from us.  It’s something we have to consider.  I do believe Tom, as an investigator in this field, I am seeing more and more information come out, and seeing just a hint of the government not being so concerned with investigators such as myself when it comes to the flow of information.

Tom:  I am curious as to why the aliens, the extraterrestrials themselves would not want to reveal themselves to us.  They obviously have a clue that we know they are out there.  So why?

Chase:  What if they are here for natural resources?  Would that make us resist and get in their way?  What if this is indeed a breeding program like we suspect and hear from the abductees all the time?  There are a lot of reasons they would not want us to know they are here.  When I think about it, I think it’s about the control over humanity.

Tom:  But why would they want to control us if they are friendly?

Chase:  Well, it’s very apparent they are controlling us.  Even the abductees will tell you they didn’t want to go with them but yet they find themselves going.  The ETs will be very pleasant yet tell us nothing.  Where’s our information?  It is absolutely controlling!

Tom:  In one of our conversations you had mentioned the word “ghosts”.  I am wondering if you think there is a relationship between Extra Terrestrials and ghosts?

Chase:  We believe that there is a relationship but it may not be one that is directly connected; we do believe there is a relationship between maybe dimensions or portals or the type of physics that allow people to see apparitions.

Tom:  Chase, how many specific species of ETs do you think there are?

Chase:  That is a very interesting question and I have no idea.  There’s an alleged government document that says there are over 80, and then we have other researchers who have come out and said that they’ve trapped 60.  The truth is we don’t know.  We have no idea how many there are and how many have visited us.

Tom:  And if you were abducted, give me the first question you would ask the Extra Terrestrials.

Chase:  What’s your agenda?  Why?  Why your interest with humanity?  What they need actually because they definitely want something or they would make their presence known.

Tom:  Chase, do you think disclosure will happen in our life time?  What do you think?

Chase:  I do but that may be hopeful.  The phenomenon is not going away.  We are getting better and the evidence is piling up; people have no idea how far we have come, we just have further to go.

Tom:  In my professional life, I have worked with this subject matter more than once and I find that the one thing that most people I talk to believe is that the ETs do walk among us.  What do you think about that?

I think it’s most likely very possible but I am determined to stay neutral.  I believe this is most likely true but I keep a DNA kit in my purse at all times and until I have that scientific certainty I can’t say yes for sure.

Tom:   What do you want people to know when it comes to alien research and the search for ET?  What do you want to teach them?

Chase:  The first thing I’d want them to know is that UFO investigators aren’t trying to prove that UFOs exist.  We are looking for the truth behind reports from credible people that see things that are not supposed to exist.  We’re looking for why certain events happen and the truth behind them.  A lot of people think that UFO investigators are just looking to prove that the person saw a UFO…not true.  To the second part of your question, I would like to teach people how to properly document witness testimony.  I would like to teach people how to think like an investigator.

Tom:  If someone wanted to start out to become a Ufologist, and start to do investigations, where can they go and what should they do?  What words of wisdom would you have for them?

Chase:  I would tell them to find people that have a good resume.  There are plenty of groups that will help you from the beginning.  MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) I believe is the perfect step for anybody brand new.  You join the organization and they have a field manual, there’s training, and they are set up so you can’t fail.  If you’re not really experienced in abductees, you have people you can call that would be considered our best resources for experience.  I think MUFON and some of the other groups (I like MUFON) are great for this.  They have a team of conscientious people that can teach you the rules such as how investigators work with each other, what’s considered a big no no, and how to not hijack someone else’s case.  There are rules that are considered ethical and if you can’t play nice, no one is going to call you.

Tom:  Do you think Ufology is slowing down or is it still relevant with the times?

Chase:  It hasn’t slowed down at all.  The cases are coming in more and more.  The ridicule factor is dwindling a bit.  The internet, social media, and TV is helping to educate the public.  We think people are more comfortable now with calling an investigator then they were say 20 years ago.

Tom:  I understand that you are also a paranormal investigator; tell me a little about that.

Chase:  I am.  I’ve done many paranormal investigations.  I’ve been in the swamps of Louisiana chasing the honey island swamp monster, I’ve been deep in the caves and coal mines of Kentucky looking for the Indava.  I’ve looked for Bigfoot!  I love the mystery and I will go look.  I love paranormal investigations.

When you are long gone, what would you like people to remember about you in the way of your work?

Chase:  That everything I did was about the truth of the event and that I didn’t deceive anyone or give them false hope.  I really hope that I am remembered for integrity and honesty.

Tom:  And what would you like written on your tombstone?

Chase:  O my gosh!  “She was loved”.  I think like anyone else it all comes down to family and friends.

Tom:  Chase, it’s been fascinating talking with you.  Thank you for spending time with me today, and I would like you to give me your final thoughts.

Chase:  There are so many reasons to talk to an investigator and I want people to know that there is no reason anymore not to contact an investigator if you have been abducted, seen an ET, or just think that you might have seen something that needs investigating.  There are plenty of good ones around to talk to.

Tom:  And there you have it.  I love learning new things about people and sharing with others.  Chase Kloetzke is a top notch investigator and SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Since the printing of this article, Chase has accepted an extraordinary challenge to re-open the investigation into the famous Star Child Skull. This skull is well known from the previous work of Lloyd Pye, but there are new developments and still direct indicators that have yet to be examined. Chase will start from the beginning as she re-tests the DNA and physical anomalies identified presently with the skull as she has recognized a series of new leads that must be examined. You can find information on this investigation and more @