Several years ago, Kane Hodder, RA Mihailoff and I were guests on the TV  show Ghost Adventures, and I am glad to say we are still friends with all the guys, so when I heard that Nick was doing a new show called Paranormal Lockdown I knew I had to interview him. He agreed, and we set up a time for him to call me. He’s pretty busy with his new show!

Rick: Is there anything you want me to ask you about your new show?

Do you think this new format might open up something new in the paranormal field?

Nick: I’m pretty open minded, you know me, you’ve known me for a long time, I’m pretty straight forward, and honest, and honestly, I’m really excited about this show, not just because It’s me doing a show, more or less because I’m super passionate about the subject matter and I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, and I just feel like this is the future of what paranormal should be conducted as. We’re just in a weird period of life where there are so many paranormal shows, there is so much paranormal happening that I think sometimes you need to step outside the box a little bit and revolutionize it, so I’m really excited about it.

Rick: I agree. Things have become so formula, that thinking outside the box is a great idea.

Nick: Honestly, I’ve gone through life, through so many different experiences that there comes a point where you start theorizing, you start thinking deep, what is death, what is next and you see some family members that pass on, aunts and uncles that pass that you are really close to, and you start questioning things. I think of what has happened to me throughout my last couple of years, at locations where we are going in just wild as  youngsters looking for experiences, but once you start having experiences and you grow a little bit wiser and older, when you start questioning a little bit more, how is that possible, you try to explain things a little bit and put some logical explanation behind it. So I’m kind of at that point in my life where I want to discover something new within in the paranormal field, and now we label stuff as people, as the human race, stuff that’s unknown because we don’t understand it yet, but we haven’t actually categorized it as a name. We haven’t put a definitive name on something we discovered, kind of like scientists are discovering new things with the universe, landing on comets and going to Pluto, and crazy stuff like that, so I want to discover something new in the paranormal field that would revolutionize the way we look at things in our life before I pass on, in this world. I want to be that guy who has that discovery.

Rick: I think we all want that, everybody in the paranormal.  You’ve always sounded more passionate about it, more realistic about the whole deal. I’m the same way, I’m not really going into a place to get scared, I want to get something that I can show somebody and say “ there it is”, so there is no question what they are looking at..

Nick: Exactly, I mean, here’s the thing, no matter who you are, what your background is, the human nature of your senses as a human being, you’re going to get startled, regardless, some people are getting more startled than others, obviously, and a lot of that plays into it. You are going into an extremely haunted location, now the locations we are going to for Paranormal Lockdown are researched heavily so they are extremely haunted, before we even get there. So I’m not just going to a location saying oh we heard all these reported legends and mysteries and these paranormal investigators that had been there, and they are saying we saw shadow figures, and they saw this and that and then that’s the typical  norm of how these shows have become. With me, for Paranormal Lockdown, I’m going in and I’m researching, like this one location I’ve been researching for fifteen years, Franklin Castle in

jailhouseCleveland, we finally convinced the owner after long conversations to allow us to investigate it for three days straight which is the concept of our show Paranormal Lockdown so, the concept is OK.  I’ve been in locations from overnight, 7 hours, 12 hours, dusk ‘til dawn, at a length, that’s the longest I’ve been at a location sometimes, so usually typically when you are investigating things get intense sometimes at really haunted locations, and you don’t have time to try and take that even further so I’m at the period of my life where I’ve been doing this so long, ten years now, professionally, I want to take it further. What is the breaking point? What mentally, physically, emotionally, just everything all kind of put together and is it possible if we stay at these locations longer where you saw an apparition, or you saw this figure, would that appear where we can possibly capture on our high tech equipment that we have, that we are evolving right now for the future. We’re using state of the art cameras that are actually just ground breaking I feel, they are 6K that can see in all dynamics of light, and were the only ones that have them right now besides the military, so I feel that the way we are conducting it, the way we are doing it, passionately, I am super involved in it, every aspect of Paranormal Lockdown from nuts to bolts. I am living it, breathing it, sleeping it, every single day that I wake up, even when I’m not at the location that’s all I’m doing in my life, because  I’m more on a quest, I’m on this kind of soul seeking, not just for the experiences, not just for the rush anymore, not just for hey, I captured this voice we can go home now, or this place is haunted, this place isn’t haunted, it’s let’s discover something that is groundbreaking , something that is new, something that we haven’t actually found yet, that we can say wow, maybe this why we’re seeing these figures, or this is a solid apparition or a solid ghost that we label as a ghost that now we can say here we are, we captured this. Let’s take it a step further, enough of this debunking, improving, throwing it in people’s faces, let’s work as a team as one united as the human race to try to discover something new, you know what I mean Rick?

Rick: Oh yeah.

Nick: That’s the point I’m at in my life right now.

Nick Groff      Katrina Weidman


Rick: You know what I would like to see on your show, I would love to see that when you went in there on the first day all sorts of things start happening, above and beyond what we’re used to seeing, the kind of things that would make most want to leave, it would be very interesting to see you guys have to stay through that..

Nick: That’s our show, that’s exactly what we’re doing, we’re staying there for three days straight, pretty much 72 hours straight, picture 26 hours in, you’re there day one, and this is exactly how it’s happening in some of the experiences we’ve already gone through in some of the locations and suddenly you have these experiences, you hear the voices, you hear the noises, right?  As a logical thinker, as you and I are, we try to figure it out, but you can’t figure it out.  And then you have some more experiences. It’s weird, because I feel that when you get into day two, you start becoming a little bit more a part of the environment and the spirits or whoever is there start to realize they can communicate with you and it becomes more aware, and you become more alert, and more things start happening, which is wild. Now where it gets really scary at some of these locations a that are more negative and when we actually have to go to sleep for about two or three hours or whatever it is because eventually your mind and your body shut down, you have to lay down, or else your body will just give up. So about twenty six hours in there becomes a point where we have put our cot or sleeping bag out, I usually will pick an extremely haunted spot, because it’s supposed to be haunted, I want to capture, I want to document, I want to experience things, so like I said we can discover something.

So that’s where I become a little nervous is when I become vulnerable, when my eyes shut, my mind kind of stops to hibernate for that second, where you are just lying there.

Rick: That sounds like it would be really interesting.

Nick: Yeah! It’s creepy, its nerve wracking, it’s intense, but the thing is I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying man, I’m staying my ground until it gets like physically crazy.

Rick: Katrina Weidman, your partner on the hunts, is she going to be sleeping at the same time you are?

Nick: Yeah, there will be a point where we will need l to get like two hours sleep, 26 hours in, it’s like 4AM, on day one, night one, so she will go to a separate part of the location in the building, and she’ll stay there, and I’ll go to another part of the building that is reportedly one of the extremely haunted spots and I’ll stay there too. And then if one wakes up before the other, then we’ll grab our camera off the tripod, and I’ll go off and find her, and it’s pretty hilarious sometimes, because I’ll find her and she’ll still be under her sleeping bag, and I’ll be like” hello”, she’ll come up out of her sleeping bag and her eyes are shut, and she’s like” what’s going on?”, and she’ll look at me.. it’s such a surreal experience, it’s super genuine, it’s really how it’s done, we’re living, we’re sleeping, we’re eating at these locations, we don’t leave, sometimes I’m so nervous that I keep my boots on for three days straight, even when I’m sleeping, because I don’t know when I’m going to have to jump up and chase a ghost or a sound or something wakes me up, or something happens. The first time I did that, I took my shoes off on day three when I left the location for good, and my foot was almost white from no blood circulation.

Rick: It sounds great, a lot of new concepts for a show, I think the new elements you’ve added will really make it interesting. Next question:  Of all the places you’ve been, is there any place you wouldn’t go back?

Nick: Interesting, I used to say Bobby Mackey’s, but I went back there recently in the beginning of the year, not for Paranormal Lockdown but for the Nick Groff Tour we were doing. For personal reasons  I came to the conclusion to never say you’ll never do something ever again, so I’m at that part of my life where I’m never going to say I’m not going to say I don’t want to do that, I’m going to say it’s possible that I could do things that maybe my mind tells me no to do sometimes, but maybe that’s just my crazy personality, you know have such a severe experience, or something like that happens that you want to question it further, and you want to go back and engage it more because of those scenarios. Sometime I think I just get into that mentality.

Rick: You got to remember, I’m the guy they throw off roofs and down stairs for a living, my mind and body tell me all the time I shouldn’t be doing this.

Rick:  Next question, if you could go back to anyplace you’ve already been to, where would you most want to go?

Nick: I would love to go back to Linda Vista Hospital, with the experience, the equipment we have now, oh man, being there for three days, wow, that would be an experience.

That experience that I had there when I saw that young ladies’ spirit a few feet in front of my face, to me that was groundbreaking in my part of my life back in 2009, and I keep going back to that, imagine if I could live there and confront her once again and she would show herself and we could document her, to me that be epic, that would be the Holy Grail.

I don’t know, there is something about that location, but you know all the locations we’re doing for Paranormal Lockdown, are all new, locations they’ve been researching for years, these locations are all badass, probably some of the best I’ve ever done. I’m excited about the locations because the evidence we’ve actually captured so far is absolutely amazing, I feel some of the evidence we’ve captured is groundbreaking too, and it’s getting us closer and closer to those questions.

Rick: I’m getting excited, I want to see it!

Nick: I’m excited to show the world, because I’m at the point where it’s going to be something different, it’s going to be really good.

Rick: I ask this to everyone I interview, if you could go back in time to anywhere in history with a video camera, where would you go?

Nick: You know it would be interesting to document the Battle of Gettysburg, just watching the whole battle, it would be sad, it would be really sad to see both sides fighting on American soil.  Just seeing how that all came out, and just standing above on tower and watching the whole battle take place.

Rick: I think that would give everybody a lot more perspective than they have now.

Nick: When you walk on the field you just feel it, you feel that emotion, that energy just lingering, you a hundred thousand deaths, whatever the exact, the bloodiest battle that ever took place on American soil, so imagine being there watching it unfold, it would be really gripping, be kind of disgusting and sad, but at the same time it would be interesting to see what would  happen when the smoke settles and the war is done, and all the bodies are there, would there be any apparitions still walking around? That’s how I look at things. What would happen with the spiritual energy after the fact while the bodies are still laid out? I’m not talking about now.

Rick: Yeah, exactly..

Nick: There are all the stories of the hauntings, but those are all after the fact.

Rick: I’ve never been there.

Nick: It’s a really cool town, you have to get out to Gettysburg, it’ really, really awesome, definitely one of the places you would like to go if you are interested in ghost hunting.

Rick: Thanks for doing the interview, next time you’re town give me a shout.
Nick: Next time you go to Scotland and you need a partner, let me know. 

It’s taken a little longer to get this out due to a redo of the magazine website, but it has given me a chance to see the first two episodes. I really like this show, the format is new and fresh, Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff are excellent together, the new Geo Box is something new and fascinating, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them. I heartily recommend it!

Paranormal Lockdown can be found on Destination America, Fridays. Check it out!